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Welcome to DarkprinceArmon: Lewd Nude Cartoonist. LNC for short.

This blog will showcase my past and future work here and link to website controlled by DarkprinceArmon Art over the internet.


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Hi, I’m DarkprinceArmon: Lewd Nude Cartoonist (He / Him.) I have formal training in art with a degree from RCAD majoring in Illustration. I love making lewd art pictures.

More about Me – https://about.me/DarkprinceArmon/

Direct pricing for smaller designs.

My price is…

$15.99 an hour for a commissioned art work (Pencil or ink line work only, full color work (traditional or digital) can take up to 6+hours of work depending upon what you want).

Contact me for commission at dparmon616@gmail.com

Pay info

PayPal: https://PayPal.Me/DarkprinceArmonArt

Bitcoin: 33tKKtzWDq6Dw7DXCip3MhhhvQwtGtxnCk

Ethereum: 0x1f565fE83d54dDFeb481D6b6016d350554272837

USDC: 0xD1Cb2227892FE0d53A46f7D0D82Fde8cc82aB14b

More about Me – https://about.me/DarkprinceArmon/


Lewd Discord: http://discord.darkp.com

Deviant Art: http://deviantart.darkp.com

Twitter: http://twitter.darkp.com

Twitch: http://twitch.darkp.com

Youtube: http://tv.darkp.com

Pinterest: http://pinterest.darkp.com

Picarto: http://picarto.tv.darkp.com

Store: http://society6.darkp.com

Facebook: http://facebook.darkp.com

Off site

PornHub: http://pornhub.darkp.com

Xvideo: http://xvideos.darkp.com

Fetlife: http://fetlife.darkp.com


😉 It’s a Secret to Everybody 😉

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